Cast size: 4M, 2W
Premiered at: Pioneer Theatre Company, Salt Lake City, UT (2012)
Directed by: Charles Morey

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The story

Set in the New York City music industry "Find and Sign" takes us through the bumpy romance between an on-the-rise young record executive and an idealistic public school teacher. A funny, touching and compelling romance.


"Plenty of writers have done plenty of things to Shakespeare over the years, twisting and molding the Bard's timeless premises to fit a variety of contemporary ideas. But I never would have expected a wonderfully funny and insightful romantic comedy to emerge from the framework of "Othello." -- Salt Lake City Weekly

"Bottom line: Pioneer Theatre Company's production of "Find and Sign" manages to be both entertaining and thought provoking as it explores the complexities of contemporary urban relationships." -- Salt Lake Tribune

"On the heels of Martin Luther King Jr. day, it's easy to imagine that in 2012, we've all moved beyond racism, and that, at least in our own circles, it doesn't exist at all. "Find and Sign," the latest work by playwright Wendy MacLeod, challenges those beliefs while offering a fun, romantic comedy-type story, set in the modern-day New York City hip-hop scene....MacLeod's script is fast-moving and wonderfully conversational." -- Deseret News


Production Photos
Photos: Alexander Weisman, for Pioneer Theatre Company

Pictured, left to right: Molly Ward, Karl Miller

Pictured, left to right: Gardner Reed, Molly Ward

Pictured, left to right: Daniel Morgan Shelley, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Karl Miller

Pictured, left to right: Karl Miller, Daniel Morgan Shelley, Terrell Donnell Sledge

Pictured, left to right: Karl Miller, Keith Hamilton Cobb

Pictured, left to right: Gardner Reed, Keith Hamilton Cobb