Cast Size: 4M, 2W

Premiered at: Pioneer Theater Center (2012)

Directed by Charles Morey

The story:

Set in the New York City music industry (with a slight nod to Othello), Find and Sign takes us through the bumpy romance between an on-the-rise music executive and an idealistic public school teacher. When one of the teacher’s students turns out to be a gifted young hip-hop artist whom her boyfriend wants to 'find and sign' to a recording contract, their tentative romance is complicated by a tug-of-war over the student’s future.


Plenty of writers have done plenty of things to Shakespeare over the years, twisting and molding the Bard's timeless premises to fit a variety of contemporary ideas. But I never would have expected a wonderfully funny and insightful romantic comedy to emerge from the framework of Othello.

MacLeod weaves keen observations about racial perceptions--does race matter more than class; what assumptions do we make about “the other”--into her narrative, but it would be a mistake to think about it primarily as an “issue” play. Right from the first scene of Julia and Iago's awkward flirtations, the dialogue crackles with sharp punch lines delivered by a cast that's simply terrific from top to bottom. And while certain signifiers from Othello remain--including a jealous lover and his silken gift to his lady--MacLeod is far less interested in winking at devotees of Shakespeare than she is in offering something that's infectiously entertaining in its own right. (Scott Renshaw, City Weekly, *CW Pick))



Production Photos