Plays Cast size Premiered at Directed by
Slow Food 2M, 1W O'Neill Theater Center, CT (2015) Kent Nicholson
Women in Jeopardy! 4W, 2M Geva Theater in Rochester, NY (2015) Sean Daniels
The Ballad of Bonnie Prince Chucky 4M, 4W His Majesty's Theater in Aberdeen, Kenyon College, and ACT's Youth Conservatory in San Francisco (2014) Wendy MacLeod
Amelia Stewart
Find and Sign 4M, 2W Pioneer Theater Center (2012) Charles Morey
Juvenilia 2M, 2W Playwrights Horizons (2003) David Petrarca
Things Being What They Are 2M Seattle Rep (2003) Kurt Beattie
Birnham Woods 2M, 1W, 1 boy
The Water Children 4M, 4W Playwrights Horizons (1997) David Petrarca
Schoolgirl Figure 4W, 1M The Goodman Theater (1995) David Petrarca
Sin 6M, 2W The Goodman Theater (1994) David Petrarca
The House of Yes 2M, 3F The Magic Theater (1990) Andrew Doe
Apocalyptic Butterflies 3F, 2M Yale Repertory Theater (1987) Richard Hamburger
One-Act Plays
The Shallow End 4W Ensemble Studio Theater Marathon (1992) Suzanne Brinkley
The Lost Colony 2M, 2W Manhattan Class Company (1991) Michael Greif
Cinema Verite 3M, 1W Yale Cabaret (1987) Mark Brokaw
Short Plays
Night Terrors 2W Playwrights Horizons, NYC (2007) Josh Hecht
The Probabilities 1 M Ensemble Studio Marathon, NYC (2007) Karen Kohlhaas
Downstairs, Upstairs 2M Sketchbook Festival, Chicago, (2006) Margot Bordelon
Snake Oil 1M CATCO (2006) Jonathan Putnam
Photo Op 2M Sketchbook Festival, Chicago (2005) Eric Ziegenhagen
Boxes 1M, 1W Sketchbook Festival, Chicago (2004) Karin Shook
Tornado   Sketchbook Festival, Chicago (2002) Eric Ziegenhagen
Chemistry 1M, 1W Sketchbook Festival, Chicago (2001) Eric Ziegenhagen
Shooting Pollock 2M, 1W
Division III 3M Bay Package Productions, The Magic Theater (1995)
Undescended 1W  
Children's Musical
How to Make An Apple Pie
and See the World
2M, 2W The Kennedy Center (2000) Lisa Portes
Episode, NIGHT VISIONS starring David Suchet (2002)
Schoolgirl Figure screenplay (commissioned by HBO, 2002)

Ivory Tower (pilot, CBS, 2001)

Executive Story Editor, POPULAR, 1999-2000
The House of Yes, Miramax film adaptation, 1997
Apocalyptic Butteflies (BBC, 1988, starring Alfred Molina)